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Service Items

Brake pad

Our Kotavelo pads new for 2016 are an updated version of a tried and tested product.  We took the same blue pad …

$55.00 $20.00

Brunico Carbon/Ti Skewer Set

Titanium skewers with alloy and carbon levers. Suitable for all wheels, the Ultimate add on. Easy lock h…

$129.95 $79.95

FreeHub Body

Now days most free hubs are made from alloy, over-time these can chew out especially if you havn't correctly tens…


Nipple Driver

Allows easy access to nipples that are enclosed in deep section rims. Machined to the highest of tolerances and will …

$24.95 $16.95


SpeedX™ is CorrosionX® fortified with an extreme pressure additive to optimize lubrication perform…

$29.95 $19.95

Valve Extension 50mm Basic type

Pro-Lite extension valve for carbon rim, An. BK , With " Pro-lite " logo , 48 mm. This extension type r…


Valve Extension 50mm with rubber seal

Pro-Lite extension valve for carbon rim With rubber on the screw side , Silver, 50 mm For rim deeper than 50mm yo…


Wheel Spares Kit

Ride enough kms, run into enough pot holes and sooner or later you're going to break a spoke or nipple.  The…

$65.00 $45.00