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Bar End LED Light


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Product CodeINHP-08

These light weight alloy CNC machined bar ends are designed to replace the cheap plastic bar end plugs that come on most Road and Mountain bikes.

They use a spreader bolt design meaning they are much more secure than a plastic bar plug.  They are super light weight, look fantastic and they are a great way to improve your visability on the road.  These are not designed to replace your rear flasher, they are an additional light source.

We've been testing them since the Taipei bike show and we are amazed with the performance and quality of these units.  The hardest part is remembering that they are there at night time so you can turn them on!  The installation is very discrete, no-one would notice that they were not standard bar plugs until you press the end and light it up.

These are also a great backup to your rear flasher.  We have some safety concerns with rear flashers as nearly all of them turn off at random if the battery gets low and since that light is behind the rider usually you won't notice until you get home.  Running these increases your lighting from one flasher to three, big improvement in safety plus they look fantastic.

When your friends see these they'll be asking "where did you buy them" - please be sure to refer everyone back to


  • stylish anodized color with lightweight design(25g only).
  • adjustable rubber expansion.
  • mode:steady and flashing.
  • run time:[email protected],[email protected]
  • water resistant level.
  • made in Taiwan.
  • LED Colour, RED steady or Flashing modes.
  • Choice of Colours, Black, Red, Blue or Green.


  • material:CNC6061 and AL7075 screw.
  • LED wattage:0.04w.
  • battery size:LR1130 included.
  • dimension:16~25mm.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Awesome lights

Got these for Christmas and put them on straight away :) Brilliant. Gives you more width for cars behind. Trouble is I sold the bike a week later & forgot to take them out :( (Jan 24 2015, 16:11 pm)

Safe and seen!!!

These are cool. They act as either extra light on your bike or as a spare light if your rear light runs flat. Great functions. Flash or constant. Cool. (Aug 24 2014, 00:17 am)

Great idea!

These lights are fantastic. They are adjustable so they fit easily into any bar width, look great and definitely help with visibility. The batteries last about 12 months (just little coin batteries you can buy at Woolies, takes 30 seconds to replace). I've had nothing but positive comments on them and plenty of people have asked where I got them from. At such a great price, why not replace your plastic ones with something that makes you more visible? Great job Pro-Lite. (May 02 2014, 09:59 am)

Little Flashers

How awesome are these little lights, I get asked where to get them every time I'm out. I've even had comment from a motorist that they could see me better because it gave the bike width when they were approaching. (Aug 07 2013, 15:37 pm)
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