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Steerer Wedge

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This wedge is designed to be used with forks that have carbon steerers without damaging them.

Designed for 1 1/8 steerer.  The standard length of the insert is 32mm making this one of the longest steerer wedges on the market.  The product is designed not only to grip the inside of your fork to allow correct headset tension without slipping, but also to help support the inside of the steerer to reduce the chance of crush damage from the stem.

Always use a torque wrench when tightening a stem onto a carbon steerer.

Some of our riders were telling us they didn't want to cut their fork steerer too short as to allow for future adjustment and resale value, the problem however is that if you run a stack of spacers on the top of the stem then the stem will clamp onto an unsupported section of the steerer increasing the risk of damaging the steerer and the headset maybe difficult to keep tight without over tightening the stem.

To help with this problem we manufactured especially for the Australian market a 52mm length insert.  This extra long version should safely allow 15-20mm spacer on the top of your stem while maintaining a supported clamping area.  We believe this is the longest and most reliable wedge on the market.  The additional surface area of the wedge means it grips more easily inside the steerer and with less tension.

Please note, the 32mm length version is pictured.  The 52mm version is an identical design, just longer and with one additional spring.

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