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Product CodeSPEEDX.30

SpeedX™ is CorrosionX® fortified with an extreme pressure additive to optimize lubrication performance for extreme pressure and high rpm applications.

The CorrosionX products are the most useful, effective and versatile corrosion inhibitor / lubricant / penetrant available today. The unique Polar Bonding technology causes it to lubricate better and longer, creep and penetrate faster and further. SpeedX is not merely a corrosion "inhibitor"; it actually disrupts corrosion, and its self-curing Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC) keeps rust away long-term.

This product can be used on any bicycle wheel in several locations, if you protect the nipples and spoke threads they will not corrode or seize.

SpeedX can be used in place of or added to grease inside sealed wheel bearings to increase their performance.  It can also be used inside the free hub pawl and axle assembly.  If used entirely as a grease replacement this will result in a very loud free hub ratchet noise which some customers desire.  Those wanting a very quiet free hub ratchet should mix it with an thin grease.  SpeedX™has far better friction properties than grease which will result in greater performance especially when used as a grease relacement.  As the product is thinner service intervals should be shortened when used as a grease replacement.  Only small amounts are required as SpeedX will bond to metals and alloys like a magnet, it is self healing and as it does not bond to itself, excessive amounts of the product are of no benefit.

SpeedX is the ultimate lubricant for a fidget spinner and any bearing for that matter, if you want the maximum possible performance - SpeedX is the answer.

Provided in a handy, 1 fl oz (30ml) applicator bottle.  If you're looking for the closest thing to zero friction, choose SpeedX!  Depending on stock availability you maybe shipped ReelX or SpeedX™it is exactly the same product in different packaging.


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