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Rosa A30 Track Wheelset

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Product Code Rosa-P33-AH
Condition New

When we decided to produce the Rosa we had one aim in mind. A true track wheel has to withstand a huge amount of fatigue and yet must remain true and responsive at all times.

First of all the spokes are forged from the finest Swedish stainless and cnc machined to ensure the threads are precisely correct. The nipples are cnc machined so that when the wheel is built the angle between the spoke and nipple is minimal when the tension is applied during building. (Take a look at how many wheels you see in the market where the angle of the nipple and spoke exceeds 5 degrees).

The hubs are cnc machined and fitted with EZO bearings to provide a much lower rolling resistance. During the Copenhagen 6 day in riders using the Pro-Lite track wheels commented on how smooth the wheels ran and how noticeable it was to feel the acceleration through them.

As with the rest of our range of wheels, each wheel is carefully by hand and built to extremely precise tolerances. Each spoke is tension checked six times during building and then we de-tension the wheel twice before final truing.

  • Built around our unique, Rosa CNC track hub set
  • Non-Slipping Axle lock nut
  • PRO-LITE Swedish stainless aero spoke
  • 32 x 36 spokes
  • 13t &14t (1/2 x 1-1/8") Sprocket
  • Clinchers
  • Weight: Front: 1066g / Rear: 1180g

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